Demand for hip replacements sky rockets

Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016

The number of hip replacements performed on people under the age of 60 has risen by a staggering 76% in the last decade, UK data shows.

According to figures released by the NHS 122,154 hip operations were performed in 2014–15 – an increase of 47% when compared to the 89,919 hip replacements carried out a decade earlier.

This growth was even more pronounced in people aged under 60, the figures analysed by the Royal College of Surgeons revealed. In this age group 10,145 hip replacements were recorded in 2004-05 but this figure had risen to 17,883 a decade later.

The trend reflects the growing availability of improved hip replacement techniques and prosthetics, which means surgeries are now safer and require less recovery time, said Stephen Cannon, vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons in a press release issued by Arthritis UK.

However Olivia Belle from Arthritis UK said the figures highlighted the “unacceptable reality” that 10 million people were living with arthritis.

“Without real concerted effort from local and national government the number of people developing this condition will sky-rocket due to an increasing ageing population and rising levels of obesity combined with low levels of physical activity.

“Political action is needed to tackle these last two issues to avoid an arthritis epidemic, which will have major consequences for our health services and our economy” she said.

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