Welcome the new lung emoji

Public health

By Mardi Chapman

24 Nov 2020

We can’t think how we managed without it but expect to see the new lung emoji used liberally in texts and tweets from now on.

A proposal for a lung emoji has been approved by the lords of the internet and the coding is now being included in Android and IOS systems.

The developers of the new lung emoji say it will rightfully join other iconic anatomical organ emojis – the brain and the heart – in online health discussions.

β€œEssential to the respiratory process, the lung is significant to discussions of health, air quality, and one of the most universal and basic biological functions: breathing. The current absence of the lung is a notable gap in the body part category, and if it were added, frequent and widespread usage would be expected,” their proposal said.

β€œThe addition of the lung emoji would facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals by representing one of the body’s more complex systems with a single character.”

β€œThis would encourage increased awareness of risk factors, symptoms, and the impact on the lives of those affected by respiratory health issues through more accessible discussions and expressions of medical topics related to the lungs.”

The proposal for the emoji was co-authored by Dr Shuhan He, an emergency medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Director for the Center for Innovation and Digital Health.

The other non-clinical co-authors were Christian Kamkoff and Melissa Thermidor.

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