Cystic fibrosis

High-dose Vit D maintains levels in winter

A one-off oral high dose of vitamin D is effective in maintaining vitamin D levels during the winter months in children with CF, researchers from Melbourne report.

The study included 41 children with CF who were treated with a single supra-physiological dose (between 100 000 IU and 600 000 IU ) of oral vitamin D3 (“stoss”) during winter.

Almost half of the children (48.8%) had a significant increase in vitamin D3 levels post winter compared with pre-winter, results showed.

Levels increased in 76% (n=31) of the children and levels over 75nmol/L were obtained by 39% (n=16).

The protocol offers a potential solution to the historical problem of vitamin D3 deficiency in CF, the researchers concluded.

“Ultimately [stoss therapy] may contribute to improved clinical outcomes,” they added.

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