CF patients not consuming enough fruit and veg

Cystic fibrosis

12 Jun 2015

CF patients have a diet that is lacking in fruit and veg compared to the general population, an Australian study reveals.

The analysis of diets of 24 adult outpatients attending Alfred Health in Melbourne found no patient met the recommended serve of vegetables and only 8% met the recommended serve of fruit.

This compared to 8.2% and 48.5% of the general population respectively, the researchers reported in a poster session.

Overall 46% met the recommendations for dairy serves, but females were less likely than males to meet requirements.

The average kilojoule consumption was 12008.7 and total fat contributed to 30% of total energy, carbohydrate 46% and protein 19% of total energy.

“CF dietary recommendations need revising to reflect the current range of nutrition priorities and need to extend beyond macronutrients to address metabolic health with improved survival,” they said.

“Dietary education needs to focus on consuming more foods rich in antioxidants rather than energy,” they added.

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