Precision medicine and companion diagnostics in oncology – the view from Australia


14 Dec 2021

Advances in genomic profiling and the development of targeted treatments have led to a revolution in oncology. How best to use genetic information to tailor treatments for better outcomes continues to evolve, with many unresolved issues including rising costs, clinical trial design, and access to technology.

In this podcast, Professor David Thomas discusses how the field is grappling with these issues and the practical implications for oncologists and their patients. Professor Thomas is Head of Genomic Cancer Medicine at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Director of Kinghorn Cancer Centre. He is also CEO of Omico: Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre.

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This is the first in a series of podcasts focused on Precision Oncology. In future episodes you will hear Professor Thomas in conversation with other oncologists and pathologists at the cutting edge of developments in precision oncology and personalised medicine.


This podcast series has been developed independently by the limbic in collaboration with the participants. Thanks you to Roche Diagnostics Australia for providing the non restrictive educational sponsorship that made it possible.

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