29,000 cancers overdiagnosed in Australia in a single year

Alexandra Barratt (1), Katy Bell (2), Mark Jones (3), Paul Glasziou (4), Thanya Pathirana (5)

1: Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney. 2: Associate in Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. 3: Associate Professor, Biostatistician, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University 4: Professor of Medicine, Bond University. 5:. Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Griffith University.

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Almost one in four cancers detected in men were overdiagnosed in 2012, according to our new research, published today in the Medical Journal of Australia. In the same year, we found that approximately one in five cancers in women were overdiagnosed. This level of overdiagnosis means Australian men are 17% more likely to be diagnosed with ...

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