Heinz ketchup not for minors

In Limbo

23 Jun 2015

We didn’t actually think anyone scanned QR codes these days, but apparently people do – sometimes with unfortunate results.

Seeking more information about a long-discontinued promotion, Daniel Korell scanned the QR code on an old bottle of Heinz ketchup and was surprised to end up on a porn site.

“Your ketchup is probably not for minors,” Korell posted  on Heinz’s Facebook page with a winking emoji.

It turned out that Heinz had let the domain name tied to the QR code expire after the contest ended. It was then acquired by the German porn site Fundorado.

“The bottle may be a remnant,” Korell said in the story reported on the Daily Dot, “but it exists even in many households. For me it is incomprehensible that one didn’t ensure the domain for at least one or two years.”

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