ASH 2022 Highlights – Curated Collection

6 Mar 2023

the limbic recently hosted a series of events where experts presented the best from the ASH 2022 Annual Meeting and discussed the impacts for practice. We now bring a collection of carefully curated videos from those events for you to watch at your convenience.

  1. Classical haematology  – feat. ALIFE2, ADVANCE IV, Apply PNH, Catheter-3, COMMODORE-3.
  2. Leukaemia – feat. VIALE-A, ASAP, BMT CTN 1703, LBA-1, Alpine, OPTIC , ponatinib + blin for nd Ph + ALL.
  3. Lymphoma – feat. MATRix/IELSG43, TRIANGLE, ORACLE, GHSG HD21, YTB323, BiTE, Epcor + R-DHAX/C, POLARIX.
  4. Myeloma – feat. iSTOPMM, Myeloma XI, MRD2STOP, IFM2017-03, KarMMa-2, KarMMA-3, CARTITUDE-2.

ASH 2022 – Highlights in classical haematology

ASH 2022 – Highlights in Leukaemia

ASH 2022 – Highlights in Lymphoma


ASH 2022 – Highlights in Myeloma 


These events were supported by unrestricted educational grants and created independently by the limbic in collaboration with the host and panel. All studies were selected by the panel and all views expressed were those of the host and panel only.

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