ASH 2019: practice-changing research


By Mardi Chapman

3 Dec 2019

Practice-changing research in malignant and non-malignant haematology features strongly on the program at the upcoming ASH 2019 – the 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology.

The limbic will be reporting from ASH 2019 in Orlando, Florida from 7-10 December. About 25,000 attendees from 115 countries are expected to attend the largest haematology meeting in the world.

Some of the highlights, selected by experts from more than 5,000 abstracts, include:

  • Promising findings on the use of CAR-T cells directed against B-Cell Maturation Antigen in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (Abstracts #570, #930)
  • Evidence that bispecific monoclonal antibodies such as mosunetuzumab may be encroaching on the domain of CAR-T cells in diseases such as refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma (Abstract #6)
  • Germline mutations associated with the most severe form of antiphospholipid syndrome have been identified and can be targeted with complement inhibitors (Abstract #4)
  • Opportunities to ‘turn back time’ in sickle cell disease with regulation of fetal-adult haemoglobin switching (Late breaking Abstract #5)
  • A first in class monoclonal antibody against C1s in cold agglutinin disease (Late breaking Abstract #2)
  • Evidence that a large proportion of adult patients prescribed DOACs also remain on aspirin without an indication and at some risk of clinically relevant, non-major bleeding resulting in ED visits and hospitalisations (Abstract #787).

Practice-enhancing clinical practice guidelines on sickle cell disease, immune thrombocytopenia and VTE will be presented.

The program will also tackle some big picture topics such as equity of access to treatments. Presentations include evidence that older patients with multiple myeloma are under referred for bone marrow transplant and undertreated compared to younger patients and how to address socioeconomic disparities in childhood AML or racial disparities in AML.

The Presidential Symposium will take on big data in health research and the delivery of personalised healthcare. (Tues, 9.45am)

Two joint symposiums between ASH and the FDA are on the program for those interested in a sneak peek into new drugs coming through the regulatory process.

Special Scientific Sessions include the changing taxonomy of aggressive lymphoma, machine learning in haematology, and “drugging the un-druggable” cancer-associated genetic alterations.

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