‘A celebration of team’ at Blood 2019

 Teamwork is the overarching theme for Blood 2019 – highlighting the combined efforts of people from different disciplines and professional societies in optimising health outcomes for their patients.

Bringing together the clinical and scientific expertise of HSANZ, ANZSBT & THANZ into a single cohesive program is no mean feat but delegates can expect something for everyone across the crowded three and a half-day program [ see full program here].

Co-convenor of Blood 2019 and THANZ council representative Ms Grace Gilmore told the limbic the program was bookended by high-powered, combined symposiums.

“The three societies, haematology, transfusion medicine and coagulation, have to work together for the good of the patients. Our opening session starts with teamwork and our closing session is all about teamwork,” she said.

The opening session (Sun, 10.15am) features international guests across the broad topics of leukaemia, thalassemia and haemostasis.

It includes:

  • Germany’s Professor Torsten Haferlach on the disruption of WGS and AI in leukaemia,
  • Thailand’s Professor Suradej Hongeng on stem cell transplants and gene therapy in thalassemia, and
  • the UK’s Professor Beverley Hunt on the global impact of thrombosis and bleeding.

Professor Hunt will also feature in a THANZ symposium on sepsis (Mon, 2pm).

The program also highlights homegrown talent including Associate Professor John Eikelboom, an Aussie working at the McMaster University in Canada, and Professor James O’Donnell from Ireland who did his internship and medical residency in Australia.

Amongst his presentations, Associate Professor Eikelboom will be conducting a Masterclass on arterial thrombosis and the role of the DOACs (Mon, 6pm) and contributing to a THANZ symposium on cancer-related thrombosis (Tues, 10.30am).

Professor O’Donnell will present on his area of expertise in von Willebrand disease in a number of sessions including a THANZ symposium on primary haemostasis (Sun, 4pm), a Masterclass on vWD diagnosis (Mon, 6pm) and vWD in cancer (Tues, 10.30am).

A HSANZ Symposium on myeloma features Professor Murielle Rouseel from France on initial therapy and Canada’s Associate Professor Sarah Holstein on the evolution of post-transplant maintenance therapy (Mon, 4pm).

A Masterclass delivered by Dr Paul Richardson, from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, will further extend discussion on novel and next generation therapies for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (Mon, 6pm).

He also features in the closing symposium speaking on the management of later stages of relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma (Wed, 11am).

Professor Ross Baker from the Perth Blood Institute, will also discuss the management of haemorrhage on DOACs in cancer patients in the closing symposium.

The major annual orations for each society at Blood 2019 are:

  • Barry Firkin Oration: Queensland’s Dr John Rowell on haemophilia care (Sun, 1pm)
  • Ruth Sanger Oration: Canberra’s Dr Ian Prosser on regulation and blood safety (Mon, 1pm)
  • Carl de Gruchy Oration: Professor David Joske on psychohaematology (Tues, 1pm)

New on the program this year will be the Women in Haematology session (Sun, 12pm) highlighting leading women in the discipline and strategies to support women in their careers.

A pre-conference THANZ Scientific Workshop (Sat, 9am) will highlight laboratory issues including quality control, new tests and research in the area of coagulation.

Carrying the conference theme through to the social program, guests at the Gala Dinner (Tues, 6.45pm) are encouraged to come dressed as teams from across our sports, arts and cultural heritage.

The limbic will be reporting from Blood 2019 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre from 20-23 October.

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