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2 Sep 2015

Peer-review is the cornerstone of research that requires a lot of time and effort, for next to no recognition. But the site Publon has changed that by encouraging researchers to post their peer-review history online.

Publons co-founder Andrew Preston, a former academic based in Wellington says that for no cost scientists can sign up to the site and record their history of peer reviews, both before and after publication.

“The text of pre-publication reviews is not revealed unless the journal allows, but we ask for the review receipt, or we work behind the scenes with a journal editor, to verify that it took place,” he said in an interview with Nature. 

“We are working with journals to streamline this process so that one’s review record can be auto-updated. If a journal is tied to anonymous review then our platform can still be used to give a reviewer verified credit.”

Currently Melbourne University tops the Australian peer review leaderboard with 81 reviewers and 562 reviews.

To find out more visit the site here. 

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