Cardiologists have their own heart emoji

Thursday, 26 Nov 2020

Forget the stylised beating heart, broken heart and sparkling heart emojis, as there is now an anatomical heart emoji to help pick up the pace when sending texts and tweets.

The heart emoji will rightfully join other iconic organ emojis – the brain and lungs – in online health discussions.

The proposal for the new emoji said that given the many existing heart emojis were more about love and emotion, something new was needed.

“The addition of the heart (organ) emoji would promote clearer, more accessible communication between healthcare professionals and patients, allowing users to represent the complex cardiovascular system with a single character.”

“Reducing barriers to open discussions of the risk factors, symptoms, and patient impact of cardiovascular diseases has the potential to raise global awareness of the importance of heart health.”

And it was suggested that the anatomical heart emoji would further represent the organ in the broader context of health for both the general public and athletes.

The proposal for the emoji was co-authored by Dr Shuhan He, an emergency medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Director for the Center for Innovation and Digital Health.  The other non-clinical authors were Christian Kamkoff and Melissa Thermidor.

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