Rheumatology research programs win NHMRC funding

The Low Back Pain Centre of Research Excellence at Sydney University will benefit from $2.5 million funding announced in the latest round of NHMRC grant announcements.

The funding goes to Professor  Chris Maher and colleagues at Sydney University’s  Institute for Musculoskeletal Health who were award the funding for a NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) application for research into Low Back Pain

Other rheumatology and musculoskeletal researchers who gained NHMRC research grants include:

  • Professor Kim Bennell of the University of Melbourne,  $2,848,640 Leadership 2 Award: “Improving outcomes for people with knee osteoarthritis: overcoming patient and clinician barriers.”
  • Dr David Scott of Monash University, $1,443,588 Emerging Leadership 2 Award: “Optimising exercise interventions for maintaining physical function, bone and muscle health in older adults with obesity and osteoarthritis.”
  • Dr Michelle Hall, University of Melbourne, $598,140 Emerging Leadership 1 Award: “Enhancing the therapeutic effects of exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis.”
  • Dr Kade Paterson, University of Melbourne $632,475 Emerging Leadership 1 Award: “Closing the evidence gaps to boost clinical outcomes for people living with disabling foot osteoarthritis.”
  • Dr Indira Prasadam, Queensland University of Technology, $561,800 Emerging Leadership 1 Award: “Discovering novel metabolic targets for treating osteoarthritis.”
  • Associate Professor Mandana Nikpour University of Melbourne, $1,443,588 Emerging Leadership 2 Award: “Improving outcomes in systemic autoimmune disease.”
  • Dr Christopher Williams, University of Newcastle, $1,515,540 Emerging Leadership 2 Award: “Advancing integration of care for musculoskeletal conditions and chronic disease risks.”
  • Professor G. Lorimer Moseley, University of South Australia $2,465,352 Leadership 2 Award: “Understanding persistent pain and innovating, testing and implementing new solutions.”
  • Dr Yee Lian Chew, University of Wollongong $639,750 Emerging Leadership 1 Award: “Investigating neuroendocrine dysregulation as new targets for chronic pain management.”

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