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This week Tasmania’s very own Graeme Jones tell us about his research, as well as which three possessions he couldn’t do without.

What’s the issue your research is trying to solve?

How does osteoarthritis develop and can we modify this process.

What have you discovered so far?

Pain and cartilage loss have many risk factors many of which are common.

Therapies targeted at bone marrow lesions or inflammation have the greatest potential to make a difference.

 What’s been your biggest hurdle?

Getting MRI cohort studies up and running.

 How far is your work from impacting patient care?

It is already changing care especially with bisphosphonates for bone marrow lesions.

If you could discover one thing in your research, what would it be? (e.g what’s your holy grail?)

A therapy to leads to marked improvement in pain, stops or reverse disease progression and is safe.

What does your perfect day look like?

A mix of research, patient care and getting active in the beautiful Tasmanian outdoors followed by a nice red and dinner with my partner.

If you could keep three possessions what would they be?

Bicycle, golf clubs and boogie board.

What would you like your epitaph to say?

He was a good man who made a difference.

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