Cochrane addresses paracetamol, biologics and antipsychotics

Thursday, 30 Jun 2016

This month the Cochrane group have tackled the use of paracetamol in back pain (no prizes for guessing the outcome of this review); biologics and whether they reduce fatigue in people with RA; and whether antipsychotics are helpful for fibromyalgia with major depression. Here we bring you the top line on the reviews:

Paracetamol for back pain: The review finds that paracetamol does not produce better outcomes than placebo for people with acute LBP, and it is uncertain if it has any effect on chronic LBP. Read the full review here.

Biologics for fatigue in RA: This review concludes that treatment with biologics in patients with RA can lead to a small to moderate improvement in fatigue. The magnitude of improvement is similar for anti-TNF and non-anti-TNF biologics. It is unclear whether the improvement results from a direct action of the biologics on fatigue or indirectly through reduction in inflammation, disease activity or some other mechanism the review authors conclude. Read the full review here.

Antipsychotics for fibromyalgia: Very low quality evidence suggests that quetiapine may be considered for a time-limited trial (4 to 12 weeks) to reduce pain, sleep problems, depression and anxiety in fibromyalgia patients with major depression. Read the full review here.

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