Be vigilant for cervical cancer in lupus

Thursday, 16 Jun 2016

Results from a Swedish study presented at #EULAR2016 highlight the importance of women with SLE attending their cervical screening appointment.

The Swedish registry study found a more than doubled rate of cervical dysplasia or invasive cancer among women with lupus compared to the general population after controlling for confounding risk factors such as previous cervical screening.

The risk was higher in the women treated with immunosuppressives compared to those taking antimalarials.

However the authors noted they were unable to determine whether the high risk seen in their patients taking immunosupressants was due to more severe disease or the drugs themselves.

Study author Johan Askling from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm said the results showed it was important women with SLE were screened for cervical cancer.

“As a clinician you should be aware of the risk and inform your patients,” he advised.

“At this stage we do not think any additional measures should be taken,” he added.

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