Holy Grail: Looking for a drug that reverses lung fibrosis

Can you describe the aim of your research in 10 words?

Identifying improved therapeutic strategies in chronic lung diseases targeting airway contraction and lung fibrosis

What do you know/have discovered about this topic so far?

I use an innovative precision cut lung slice technique to visualise small airway reactivity in mouse models of disease and human airways. I have discovered novel bronchodilator actions of several drugs including relaxin.

What aspect of this research excites you the most?

Increasing clinical translation by testing in human lung tissues

What’s your Holy Grail, the one thing you’d like to achieve in your research?

The validation of a drug that reverses lung fibrosis for lung diseases including IPF and silicosis

What has been/will be your biggest hurdle?

Balancing an academic and research career – competing for funding against full-time researchers

How long before your work impacts patient care?

Around 5-10 years

Who has inspired you and why?

I’ve had some fantastic mentors and role models. including Prof Margaret Morris at UNSW, who have been generous in giving strategic advice on establishing research  independence and providing guidance on developing leadership skills

If you could only keep three possessions, what would they be?

My dad’s microscope – he was a veterinary researcher at Nicholas in the 1950s – it sits in my office My dogs – Bacon and Googie  (mini labradoodle and mini long-haired dachshund) My MIrka Mora painting – my favourite artist.

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