Cherry e-cigs most irritating

Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016

Cherry flavoured e-cigarettes may expose vapers to significantly higher levels of the respiratory irritant benzaldehyde than other flavours, a study suggests.

Published in Thorax the lab-based study showed doses of benzaldehyde inhaled with 30 puffs of a flavoured e-cigarette were often higher than those breathed in from a conventional cigarette.

But cherry flavoured e-cigarettes had the highest levels of the respiratory irritant compared to other flavours.

Their estimated median daily inhaled dose of benzaldehyde was 70.3 μg, a level >1000 times lower than the permissible exposure limit PEL for benzaldehyde concentrations in the workplace

“As e-cigarette popularity increases, respiratory clinicians need to be aware of potential risks that may result from use,” the researchers said.

“Although e-cigarettes may be a promising harm reduction tool for smokers, the findings indicate that using these products could result in repeated inhalation of benzaldehyde, with long term users risking regular exposure to the substance,” the authors concluded.

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