Professor Andrew Zannettino: mapping the environment around dormant cancer cells

Professor Andrew Zannettino

Professor Andrew Zannettino is the Professor of Experimental Haematology and the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Adelaide. He heads the Myeloma Research Laboratory, based at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), and is one of an international team of researchers headed by Professor Peter Croucher (Garvan Institute of Medical Research), which has been shortlisted for Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge award.

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Challenge: can you describe this research project in 10 words? Cancer relapse is caused by dormant cancer cells which are reactivated, in some cases many years after the primary tumour is thought to be cured. What have you discovered in this area so far? While most cancer patients respond to their initial therapy, many will ...

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