At-home chemo not so “limited” says provider

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Readers letter: From  Julie Adams and Lorna Cook, Co-Founders and Co-owners of [email protected]

In reference to the article in the limbic on the 2nd May,  ‘Insurer’s at-home chemotherapy program “will have limitations“‘ we would like to clarify the depth and scope of the current services [email protected] offer.

[email protected] is the sector leader in specialised pharmaceutical and infusional homecare services in Australia. Fully accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, the health service provides complex chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments at home.

Founded in 2013 as a hospital-substitute service (HST) company specialising in cancer treatments, and since its inception, [email protected] has administered over 9000 treatments to patients in their home environment.

The belief that chemotherapy in the home was limited to only a few “minor” treatments reflects old-fashioned views and practises, and is not in keeping with [email protected]’s contemporary management of patients.

[email protected] rigorously assesses which regimens can be given at home, taking into consideration the side effect profile of the treatment, and any medication or technology related requirements.

Using this rigorous process [email protected] can deliver approximately 90% of all chemotherapy and immunotherapy regimens at home.

The funding of home based chemotherapy has been shown to be competitive in both the private market, as well as public health with [email protected] successfully negotiating contracts with all the major private health insurance companies, as well as state health departments.

The team at [email protected] have exceptional specialised clinical skills and experience, and are backed by a solid infrastructure which supports home-based care.  Over a 100 specialist doctors refer to and rely on the reputation of the health service which is built on safety, reliability and trust.

Treatment at home is an important option for patients and their families, giving them choice at a time in their lives when they feel a loss of control.  It works with other providers such as day-units, hospitals and telehealth service to provide the most appropriate and importantly patient-centric care.

[email protected] invite anyone who is interested in how they manage their exceptionally popular service to check out their website, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter, or better still contact the office and ask for a guided tour.

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