Here’s what Crohn’s disease looks like

An illustration depicting the debilitating effects of Crohn’s disease has won the top award for science images.

The Wellcome Image Awards first prize went to an artist for his artwork Stickman – The Vicissitudes of Crohn’s.

In the image (see below) the artist, who goes by the alter ego  ‘Spooky Pooka’ , uses sticks instead of bones to represent the transformative nature of Crohn’s disease after a flare up and the associated weight loss and fragility.


Spooky Pooka used CGI to produce his Stickman series.

In the CGI created 3D image Stickman is chastising his creator, the artist, for deriving artistic inspiration from his illness.

However, according to the Wellcome awards page, the image is ultimately one of hope and regeneration, as suggested symbolically by the stick thrust into the earth and the hare in the tree’s womb.

Spooky Pooka is a UK based professional illustrator and artist and lives with Crohn’s disease.

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