News in brief: Diabetes prevalence on the rise; Fingers crossed for ESA-SRB-ANZBMS in Melbourne; Specialists in top 10 for Australian incomes

Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021

Diabetes prevalence in hospital on the rise

Australian research has identified at least a fivefold increase in the prevalence of diabetes in adult inpatients over a five-decade period.

Ward-based audits of bedside records at the Royal Melbourne Hospital found the proportion of inpatients with diabetes rose from 4.5% in 1972 to 10% in 1983, 15% in 1996, 24% in 2000, 27% in 2008 and 30% in 2012.

However a prevalence rate of 26% in 2019 suggested the rate of increase might be plateauing.

Prevalence was higher in medical compared to surgical patients (33% v 15%), and in patients who primarily spoke a language other than English compared to English speakers (39% v 24%).

“The high proportion of people admitted to hospital with diabetes remains a significant concern given its association with healthcare-associated infection, mortality and length of stay,” the study said.

Internal Medicine Journal

Joint endocrine ASM planned for Melbourne

COVID-19 willing, the joint ESA/SRB/ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Melbourne this year on 21-24 November.

Presidents of the three Society’s said the face to face meeting will also have virtual/online components as well as a contingency plan to move completely online in the case of further disruption from the pandemic.

Invited guests on the program include Professor Sarah Kimmins, from McGill University (Canada) who will present on Endocrine disrupting compounds and fertility in one of the joint society sessions.


Specialists in top 10 for Australian incomes

Doctors led by surgeons and anaesthetists hold five of the 10 top places for high-income earners in Australia, according to ATO statistics for the 2018-19 financial year.

Internal medicine specialists were in third spot, with average taxable income of $304,752, although earnings varied by jurisdiction, from $343,353 in Western Australia to $287,437 in NSW and $269,158 in the Northern Territory.

Surgeons were Australia’s most highly remunerated occupation, with an average taxable income of $394,303, followed by anaesthetists on $386,065. Psychiatrists were in 5th place on $235,558, while ‘other medical practitioners’, in 6th place, recorded average earnings of $222,933.

By way of comparison, the average taxable income for Australians was $62,549 overall, ($73,218 for males, $51,382 for females). Besides doctors other high income occupations included financial dealers in 4th place with $275,984, judges and lawyers (7th) with $188,798 and mining engineers (8th) with $184,507.

Australian CEOs and managing directors recorded average incomes of $164,896, (9th) and engineering managers rounded out the list with $159,940.

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