Endocrinology professor faces sack for vaccine refusal

The director of endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky says he has effectively been sacked because he is refusing to be immunised with a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Professor Petrovsky says he has already been immunised with an unapproved vaccine produced by his own private company, Vaxine, which has facilities at Flinders University.

According to Professor Petrovsky his protein vaccine COVAX-19 has passed phase 1 trials, has been approved in Iran, and he is seeking TGA approval for it to be used in Australia.

From 1 November the South Australian government requires all workers in public and private hospitals to have had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

But Professor Petrovsky told the ABC that he was refusing to have any further doses and was seeking an exemption from the ‘No Vax No Work’ rule for healthcare workers.

“That could be very dangerous to do. There is no data on what would happen if you had a full course of one vaccine and then had another course of another kind of vaccine,” he said.

Professor Petrovsky said his pay had been stopped and he had been informed that he would be made redundant if he did not receive a TGA approved vaccine.

“I won’t be in my role at Flinders Medical centre on Monday [1 November] because I have not agreed to have one of the TGA-mandated vaccines,” he told a public meeting last week.

In a video of the meeting being circulated on social media, Professor Petrovsky can be seen addressing a crowd of ‘concerned citizens’ telling them that he was “extremely uncomfortable right now’ about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and saying that he had not paid enough money to the right people in Canberra to get his own vaccine approved.

“We have a situation where we have some very new technologies in their infancy and that is the mRNA vaccines and the adenoviral vector vaccines – and they are the only ones you are being forced to have .. to remain in employment,” he said.

“And the question [is] around what level of confidence do we have around whether they have been through the usual [regulatory] process, which is 10-15 years of vigorous testing in thousands of people?”

Professor Petrovsky told the crowd that people might accept the risks of current COVID-19 vaccines if they were enrolled in a clinical trial, but there was a need for informed consent if they were being pressured to have them as part of a population program. He claimed there was not enough data about the long term risks of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly mRNA vaccines that he said altered human genes.

He claimed that scientists involved in the development of the mRNA vaccines  – such as Robert Malone – were now speaking out against their rollout in COVID-19 programs “but they are being silenced by a vast number of people who are part of the establishment.”

In a separate interview posted online, Professor Petrovsky claimed the medical profession was staying silent about the government information on COVID-19 vaccines being misleading and in some cases totally incorrect.

“All our professional bodies seem to have been convinced to toe the party line, and really have been just very much parroting whatever the government are saying,” he said.

According to his biography at Flinders University website, Professor Petrovksy is “active in diabetes, endocrinology and vaccine research, .. and has developed vaccines against influenza, hepatitis B, sting allergy, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, rabies and HIV.”

Flinders Medical Centre said all health workers were required to follow the SA Health’s Emergency Management Directions in relation to COVID-19 and it would not comment on individual employees.

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