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Lower systolic BP target recommended in new guidelines

Saturday, 6 Aug 2016

New hypertension guidelines recommend a lower target of 120mmHg systolic BP for patients with a moderate cardiovascular risk.

The Guidelines incorporate  data from new trials such as SPRINT and address blood pressure as a single risk factor in people with moderate or high risk.

“There is no one size fits all approach when managing hypertension but these guidelines will help clinicians address some of the variables each individual patient provides,” Heart Foundation Chief Medical Advisor Prof Garry Jennings said.

For the first time the guidelines addressed out-of-clinic blood pressure measurement using ambulatory or home procedures, white-coat hypertension and blood pressure variability.

“A key difference is the new evidence for a target blood pressure of <120mmHg in some patient groups,” Professor Jennings noted.

“There is a recommendation in certain high cardiovascular risk populations to aim for this lower target with close follow-up to identify adverse effects including low blood pressure symptoms such as fainting, electrolyte abnormalities and changes in kidney function.”

The latest Guidelines update ones published in 2010 and complement  current Absolute Risk Guidelines.

“We know that GPs want as much certainty as possible to help personalise their approach to treating patients with hypertension.

“This new guideline will guide management of hypertension in Australia for the immediate future.”

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