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What is the limbic?

the limbic is an editorially independent publication for healthcare professionals. It delivers the latest news and expert insight relevant to your specialty in an easy to read online format.

Our news covers research from peer-reviewed journals as well as medical conferences at home and overseas. We also write in-depth features on clinical and medico-political issues that are relevant to your practice and offer insight and perspective pieces from thought leaders across the globe.

Our mission: to inform, encourage debate and help educate healthcare professionals working in specialist medicine

We believe that evidence-based medicine together with clinical expertise leads to better healthcare and optimal outcomes for patients. Through our coverage we aim to support medical specialists by providing local context to the latest information on all aspects of their practice – from the clinical to the political…and the stories behind the people. 

We aim to embrace a diversity of perspectives. No single news piece tells the whole story, no two opposing arguments balance all sides – conversations and debates worth having evolve and we are committed to following stories that matter to specialists. We know we can never rely on one voice or view to inform a story – important ideas, experiences and arguments can come from a variety of sources and we are committed to looking for them.

Our independent news and editorial  

Our news and editorial content aims to meet the highest journalistic and editorial standards, focusing on accuracy, independence, fairness, transparency, and objectivity. Our news is written by experienced medical journalists with a background in science and is developed independently of any advertising and sponsored content and education, all of which is clearly labeled on our website [please refer to our advertising and sponsored content policy below]. 

We believe it is important to identify and report the financial conflicts of interest (COIs) of experts who are the authors of original research we are reporting on, and those who provide us with expert comment. We commit to doing this, while acknowledging that COIs are complex and sometimes not immediately apparent.


The adverts that are placed in our newsletters and website do not have any influence over the independent content we report. Occasionally, if a story by the editorial team reflects either positively or negatively on a planned advert the editorial team may decide to remove it.

Sponsored editorial content 

Access to our website is free to all registered healthcare professionals. To keep the lights on at the limbic we receive various forms of funding from the pharmaceutical industry. As mentioned in our editorial policy statement above, sponsors  have no influence over our  editorial decisions or and/or independent content. Furthermore, our journalists have no involvement in the creation of sponsored content. 

Our sponsored content is clearly labelled in the following ways:

Sponsored by: The topic, educational themes and format for content in this category are agreed between the limbic and the sponsor. The content is developed by the limbic sponsored content and education team, with input from expert clinical faculty selected and appointed by the limbic. Faculty are offered honoraria by the limbic, but  are under no obligation to accept it.

Sponsors may review content for compliance related to the approved use of its product, but have no involvement or influence in any other aspect of the content. 

Non-restrictive educational grant: Content in this category is  developed entirely by the limbic sponsored content and education team, with input from expert clinical faculty selected and appointed by the limbic. Faculty are offered honoraria by the limbic, but are under no obligation to accept. 

Sponsors have no involvement or influence in any aspect of content development, and do not review content at any stage.

Sponsored education

The limbic LIVE is a series of digital and face to face educational events providing peer to peer perspective on the latest clinical advances, hot topics and management issues. 

Content is developed entirely by the limbic sponsored content and education team, in collaboration with leading Australian and international clinicians and researchers.

The limbic LIVE events are supported by non-restrictive educational grants.

Our staff

We are a bunch of passionate journalists with extensive backgrounds in health publishing and medical journalism.


Michael Woodhead: Michael is editor of the limbic Australia. He studied pharmacology at Liverpool University and worked in the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a medical journalist. He wrote for magazines such as Pulse and GP magazine in London before relocating to Australia. In the last two decades he has been a reporter and news editor with Australian Doctor and Medical Observer, and has contributed to publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and BMJ. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and has also written on healthcare for publications in Asia. You can contact Michael at [email protected]


Mardi Chapman: Mardi is an experienced medical writer who has worked both as a journalist and in PR roles promoting health and medical research. She has a background in medical science but swapped a lab coat for a laptop many years ago. She has written for GPs (Australian Doctor), other health professionals, and for consumers. Mardi loves talking dispassionately to clinicians about their work but is absolutely terrified when she is a patient. You can follow contact Mardi at [email protected] or follow her on twitter @mardidiane


Sunalie Silva: Sunalie is a senior journalist for the limbic and produces the limbic podcast. Sunalie has been creating health and medical content for 15 years – prior to her career as a journalist Sunalie was Publishing Editor at Elsevier Australia, working with doctors, academics and universities to develop textbooks and online learning resources for medical students. She has worked as clinical news reporter for publications including Medical Observer and Australian Doctor Group titles and holds degrees in Medical Science and Journalism. She’s passionate about healthcare reform, mental health, and addressing health disparities – and the art of great storytelling. You can email her at: [email protected] 


Nicola Garrett: Nicola is the co-founder and global Editorial Director of the limbic. An experienced health journalist, Nicola is passionate about reporting on evidence-based medicine for healthcare professionals. She has contributed to publications in Australia, the UK and the US including ABC Science, ABC Health and Well Being, Australian Doctor, Rheumatology News, EULAR congress news and Nature Journals. Prior to her career in health reporting, Nicola worked as a political researcher in the UK, as well as  in hospital pharmacy. You can email her at [email protected] or follow her on twitter @nicola_garrett

We also have a team of experienced freelance health journalists who contribute to the limbic on a regular basis.

Sponsored content and education team:


John Griffith is a co-founder and Partnership Director of the limbic and has worked in the health publishing industry for the past eight years. John works with industry partners, not-for-profit organisations and associations to create the advertising campaigns that run on the limbic. For any sales or advertising queries please contact John at [email protected]



Lisa Croucher: Lisa Croucher: Lisa is the Medical Education Manager at the limbic. Lisa worked for several years as a post-doctoral researcher in the UK before moving out of the lab and into a research management and medical education role for a large UK medical charity. In Australia, she has worked as a writer, editor and education manager for Osteoporosis Australia and for leading Australian education providers Reed Medical Education and MDBriefCase.  You can contact Lisa at [email protected]

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